29 Jan 2014


Please let me hear crickets again
Astounding dirty loud scratching
Let me lie next to you, under the heat that will crush me and all my body
The weight of the summer sky pressing on my chest
Like Olympus mythologies. I am tired of being wet afloat
Let me dry
Droplet dripping Ophelia
Let me be the grains of sand
Let me be dunes rolling
Let me fall endlessly in the dry pit of our forgetting
Until I think I am lost forever
Until I think I will never find ground
Let me cross the desert backwards
Burning bushes catch my hair the air brushing my skin in the fall melts every gram of certitude cutting through the fat I accumulated for the ice age. And as I fall and inhale the heat that burns my eyes my nostrils my throat my oesophagus my stomach my uterus my vagina my legs my knees my ankles my feet my toes let the fall get to my bones.
Until I think there is not an ounce of liquid left in my members, until I bleed dry crystals of the blackest blood, until I've flicked each of them off and my body is a desert now too cracking whistling hissing for more hot wind. Let it push me down always more. Until it feels like fire. Until I think I will explode. Until I think there is no mercy. Until I cry salt. Until I'll know I'll have no words left.
Until I feel all power leave my carcass, let it freefall totally and a little more. Let my fall catch my fall into oblivion.
And maybe then only then maybe I will hit the stream the source of all water and dive into it hard soles flat and feel its might envelop my desiccated spirit and being enwrap every fold criesse and cut every hole hair lip bit my fingers grabbing onto nothing my lungs fill with dark water and I will breathe and simply bring my face to the surface again and feel the sun on it the surface of my face in the sun the sun and a breeze on the back of my cheeks and I will see you there.