10 Apr 2012

la monstre

If she were not I
I'd say she's a monster
Because she's an I
I know she's a monster

Looking on the pavement
For signs symbols & fates
Fata fatina te
Fatina Fatta te

Crickets & wild murmurs
Marked the sleep of childhood
Today she's jittery
Can't find peace
Can't find peace

If she'd made a pact in the night
in the sleep of her reason
Would she know it today?
Would she tell herself now?

Woke up just before dawn
Thoughts wide open like a
In bed she turned there in silence

Images. It is them.

Faces. Smiles. Words & thoughts.
A million battles fought
Never war won.

It was all. C'etait tout.

That will be all, thank you.