10 Apr 2012

the beginning & the end

a beginning has no end, beginnings have no end.

Nor is there any thing more astonishing more touching & more disturbing, than these efforts of the human spirit to break through darkness towards the light, through what is meaningless, towards a meaning, to break its way through the servitude which necessity imposes, towards freedom. Man measures his powers with the universe, and in the act of knowing seeks to rise above the limiting conditions and the solid massiveness of the world.
He can recognize light, meaning, and freedom for the sole reason that light, meaning, and freedom are there within his very self.


I want to survey all problems in the light of eschatology, in the light which streams
from the end.

and to look for the darkness that streams from the end?
I found the well I felt groping
I'm going back to the blues
Because it feels good